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L’Embouchure Restaurant

A taste of Burgundy by the estuary –“A warm, inviting place that celebrates the joy of eating, drinking and socialising”

A French Brasserie themed restaurant called “L’Embouchure” (The mouth of the river) was created where guests enjoyed French cuisine from the Burgundy region, in an atmosphere that made them feel comfortable but yet not informal. With a commitment to excellence, we delivered a classical style of service. Our guests on the evening felt at ease they experienced l’art de la table à la française – the French way of dining. “The religion of the French is food and wine, of course” Eating forms a big part of the French culture and we brought this culture to our guests. French gastronomy is divided into different individual strong local cuisines. We decided to focus on the provincial cuisine of one region which is quite simple, usually made at home and features fresh local ingredients. We concentrated on the region of Burgundy where the traditional dishes are robust but already have some influences from the flavours of Southern France. Burgundy is also known for its excellent wines, especially Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Many restaurants there belong to a vineyard and form a part of a so called ‘cave’ (Michelin Guide, 2007). In our restaurant we served wines from Burgundy and carried the authentic theme throughout the project from the interior design of the restaurant right to the cooking itself.

The Shannon College training restaurant opened its door as ‘L’Embouchure Restaurant’ on Monday, February 15th 2010, offering 30 lucky guests a “taste of Burgundy by the Estuary”. L’Embouchure was developed by a team of Year 3 students who planned and brought to reality the French themed restaurant experience, providing an overall dining experience to the public that matched the standards found in the industry’s top restaurants. The project involved creating a restaurant concept with a limited budget of €900. Using the budget students had to plan and budget the restaurant opening; marketing & advertising, menu creation, food ordering, preparation & presentation, wine selection and service.


Le Vin

Mâcon-Lugny Saint-Pierre Blanc (2007)

Beaujolais Villages (2007)

La Carte

Apéritif -Kir Cassis


Gougères avec un Assortiment de Salade Fraîche

French-style Cheese Puffs served on a bed of Seasonal Salad


Coq au Vin avec Gratin Dauphinoise

Roast Chicken Supreme stewed in red wine accompanied with Dauphinoise Potatoes


Crêpe à la Glace au Pain d’Épices

Warm Pancakes with Burgundy Spiced bread Ice-cream


Thé ou Café

Click here to see our Restaurant promotion poster: L’Embouchure Poster


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