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Yamamori Noodles

In Dublin with Dad one day and decided to have Japanese food for lunch! We walked in around 1-ish and man was this place busy! I really love it when the atmosphere of a restaurant is buzzing. The service here is casual and the food gets brought to the table as soon as it’s ready in the kitchen (Traditionally there are no starters or main courses in Japanese cuisine, however you can ask for it to be served in courses if preferred). I am a huge fan of sushi and love how some sushi can be simplistic but yet so delicious and other types take a lot of precision and skill to prepare. It’s an art in itself. Some of my favourites include salmon sashimi & unagi (eel) nigiri and I most enjoy them when dipped in soy sauce mixed with wasabi and some pickled ginger, mmm delish! However this day Dad and I decided to try something else as the prices for sushi here were a little more expensive than other sushi bars (which usually offer a happy hour). I woke up past breakfast so by the time lunch came I was starving and foolishly ordered with my belly!

To share we ordered:

Seafood Tempura = Prawn, squid, softshell crab and white fish coated in a light crispy batter. Served with a ginger and shoyu dip €9.95

Norimaki Special Ebi = Prawn and asparagus tempura with wasabi mayonnaise and capelin roe €11.00

For myself:

Yamamori Ramen (Noodles) = Chargrilled chicken, king prawns, char shu, crispy tofu, egg, grilled seaweed and wasabi choi sum in a soy sauce, chicken and pork flavour broth €9.95


Tonkotsu Ramen (Noodles) = Braised pork belly, wasabi choi sum, grilled seaweed and egg served in a rich and creamy pork stock €9.75

All the dishes were very nice, the only problem was we ordered way too much! So dad and I unbuckled the belts, took a deep breath and made sure none of it went to waste. If I were to come back again I would just order a bowl of Ramen as the portion size was enough for lunch. Food is good and I’ll defiantly come back again just as soon as I lose the extra weight gained!

72 South Great George Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
+353 (0)1 475 5001 |


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