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Highland Hog Roasts

“Home of Mouthwatering Venison Burgers!”

The PGA centenary course at the Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland is the host of the annual Johnnie Walker Golf Championship. During the championship the hotel is extremely busy, luckily I was fortunate to have a few days off. I can’t play golf and I’m not really a fan, but seeing as it was on my doorsteps I was somewhat curious to check it out.  Friends and colleagues were returning back from the event kitted out in beautiful merchandise and tales of a “legendary venison burger”. Tales of the burger turned my curiosity into anxiety and I was hungry to seek out the catering outlets and merchandise shop. I mustered a troop of friends who too shared my anxiety for the burger and onwards we marched down to the “Village” (the patch of area consisting of a bar, some catering outlets, an information centre and the merchandise tent). We took a stroll through the merchandise tent and I picked up a lovely black with yellow strips wind breaker jacket. A bit on the pricey side I tried my luck with a little bargaining, whilst flashing my staff card! The stubborn mule was having none of it and only knocked £5 so it came to £30. Anyway it’s a souvenir to say been there done that & remind me how busy work was. So with the shopping done we continued on with our main mission, the Venison Burger. Following the smells of grills and oil I eventually sniffed out the catering vans. There were a few choices available:

“Mr. Singh’s India” – Indian food (Closed on both occasions when I visited)
“Just Desserts” – Offering cakes, waffles and ice-cream at extortionate prices (£2 for an ice-cream cone)
“Neaps & Haggis” – Offering traditional Scottish fare (Nobody seemed to buy from)
“Highland Hog Roasts” – Home of the magical Venison Burger
“Well Hung and Tender” – a stall that only attracts customers through its name (Totally put off the food after seeing how it was cooked)

Various colleagues had all recommended the Venison Burger from Highland Hog Roasts. So I had to get one! The burger came garnished with lettuce and tomato in a burger bun. I decided to add a squirt of mustard and mayo. I tucked straight in and man was it a delicious burger full in flavour and oh so tender. Devouring it very quickly I contemplated getting a second one. Looking at the menu again and something caught my eye, the Hog Roast Roll. “If the venison burger was that delicious imagine how good must the hog roast roll be?” thinking to myself. Highland Hog Roasts cook a whole pig on a spit roast. A burger bun then gets stuffed with pork meat and an optional piece of crackling. “Excuse me did you say Crackling? Aye, yes please!” I gave the sambo a squirt of BBQ sauce and man was it good. Every bite had a fantastic charred smoky flavour with a nice crispy crunch from the crackling. It was a good day out spent with friends and most of all we got what we came for, mission complete. Until next year!


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