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Wa Café

“A taste of the East in the heart of Ireland’s West”

In Galway for my graduation and we were hungry after the drive up from Co. Meath. Arriving an hour early, we parked along the quays and planned to hit Spanish arch for a spot of grub. Walking around the corner, Wa Café immediately caught our attention. We took a glance at each other and nodded, Japanese it is so! Spending my final year of uni in Galway, I heard about Wa Café but never ordered or popped in as I was a typical student either with very little or no money! Excited to try Wa this was my chance with the help of Dad’s wallet 🙂 We were the first people in and greeted by a lovely Japanese girl. To drink we had Sen-Cha, Regular Japanese green tea. The tea came served in individual tea pots with a large cup on a Japanese wooden board.

Sen-Cha, Regular Japanese green tea

In a rush we quickly scanned the menu and decided to order a Bento Set* each.

* Bento Set = 2 Osouzai** (Japanese Tapas), served with rice balls & noodles. 
** Osouzai (Japanese tapas) A bento is take away lunch box in Japan. Usually a bento contain some rice & various osouzai chosen for a balance of taste & nutrition

Unfamiliar with the size of the bento set, the waitress kindly explained to us that 2 bento sets would be enough between the 3 of us. Taking her advice we decided to mix and share. So we ordered a selection of…

Teriyaki Beef Burger (Japanese style) – Beef & vegetable hamburger in teriyaki sauce with grated daikon radish
Teriyaki Chicken – Grilled chicken cooked in teriyaki sauce
Pork Katsu – Pork cutlet & original sauce
Salmon Katsu – Salmon cutlet served with original creamy tartar sauce

We also ordered a plate of the daily special, which was salmon sashimi (They say the simple things in life make you happy, this is certainly one of them. One of my many favourite foods). Fearing that we would be late for my graduation, the food came out relatively fast for one chef in the kitchen. The food came served in individual small bowls, four per board. Every dish tasted fantastic and we returned all plates to the kitchen licked clean within minutes of receiving it. Good tasting food always goes down in seconds in our family but man were we hungry! Never thought I’d have Japanese for brunch.


Minutes later!

The café’s interior is simple; a few wooden tables & chairs and the walls are scattered with displays of colourful paintings. The “Daily Special” and “Tea of the Month” is cutely displayed on a blackboard, both resting on a shelf up high. When I see blackboards covered with colourful chalk it brings me right back to the days of primary school. Wa Café is cute and cosy with friendly service and delicious food. A taste of the East in the heart of Ireland’s West. Will definitely be back again on my next visit to Galway.

Daily Specials & Tea of the Month

13 New Dock Street, Galway, Ireland
Tel: +353 (0) 9189850 |


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