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Cloud 23 Bar @ Hilton Manchester Deansgate

Was visiting a friend in Manchester and we both share an interest in cocktails. After eating out elsewhere he brought me to the Hilton. I was told that usually there is a queue to get in, however lucky for me this Wednesday evening the line was empty. Walking up the red carpet, a young woman stopped us and asked for our reservation. We replied we hadn’t booked, it wasn’t a problem and she opened the lift for us. The lift offers 2 main buttons, ground floor and the 23rd floor. Cute and clever. Arriving on the 23rd floor we were again greeted, this time by a hostess bringing us to a table. She sat us on a table of two beside the window, overlooking Manchester’s night-time skyline. One problem both of us spotted straight away was that the chairs were very uncomfortable (possibly to turn over tables on a busy weekend). We had a look at the menu and decided to order from their flight menu (a selection of 3 different cocktails). All drinks are ordered by table service and majority of the waitresses seemed to be blondes. Beautiful drinks served by beautiful ladies, I’m not complaining. 😉

We tried ORIENTAL LOUNGE £24.00, A selection of exotic Martinis
HOW HIGH: Distiller’s Cut gin, lychee, chilli and coconut
STIR IT UP: Green-tea vodka and kiwi liqueur
DEVIL’S DELIGHT: Lemongrass vodka, coriander and pineapple

and NORTHERN LIGHTS £24.00, Three different European Martinis
SHAKERMAKER: Ketel One, apple, lemon thyme and honey Martini
LOCOMOTIVE: A Stoli, coffee and liquorice Martini
ALEXANDRA PARK: A Strawberry, balsamic and basil Martini

All 6 cocktails tasted unique in their own way and went down much appreciated. I recommend ordering from the flight menu to share with a group of friends, or if you are unsure what to order. It’s like a tasting menu in a restaurant. One things for sure, I didn’t leave as sober when I first arrived! 😆 I get the bars clever concept of playing with the ‘supply & demand’ creating an exclusivity factor. But how long can this last? One thing that contradicted the bars classy, chic concept was the manager on duty dropping the bill to our table and clearing our glasses without a tray. Clearing tables by sticking your grubby fingers inside the glass is an absolute SIN in the hotel industry. 👿 Regardless of the minor incident (that shouldn’t of happened!), Cloud 23 Bar is a nice place to impress someone or celebrate a special occasion. Glad I’ve experienced it.

Hilton Hotel, 303 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LQ


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