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Shannon College of Hotel Management Graduation 2012 (Part II)

So the previous post gave you a brief insight to my life as a SCHM student over the years. Unfortunately, most good things in life must come to an end. A beautiful part of Shannon is the close relationships students build amongst their own year and with other years (Some took this a different way and Shites seemed to be the team building centre). Resulting in the term “Shannon family”. This makes graduation an extra special occasion as the following example explains why. Every new bunch of 1st year students are mentored by current 3RD YEAR STUDENTS. The following year the newbies jet off to Europe to begin their 2nd year placement, while the 3rd years become 4TH YEARS. When placement is over, students returning to Ireland become 3rd years, and the 4th years start their career out in the real world doing their FINAL PLACEMENT. Both years are then reunited at GRADUATION when the new 1st years & current 3rd year students set up and run the operation of both the afternoon ceremony and evening dinner. This is a continuous cycle that is passed on from year to year and installs a passion to give your once mentors a most memorable day. As a 3rd year student you are invited by the college to apply for Head Of Department (HOD) positions. Their are various positions available such as Accommodation, Front Office, Head Chef, Maître D’ & Sommelier. The 3rd year students then train the 1st year students in whatever department they’re working in. When I was in 1st year I was assigned to the F&B department, as a waiter. It was one of the most nerve wreaking moments of my life when all the graduates and their families poured into the room and service begun. Under the supervision of our 3rd years the evening was a success with a smooth service. Looking back now it was a walk in the park but at the time a total different story. When I was in 3rd year I applied for the Head Chef position and was successful. Service went well for me but I received feedback that some of the dishes were lukewarm arriving to the table. This information came from one of the graduating year who I still keep in regular contact, an Eager beaver!

Wednesday 7th March

Arrival and check-in to Bunratty Manor. Dinner with family in Gallaghers followed by a few quiet drinks (ha!) in JP Clarkes and catching up with familiar faces again.

Thursday 8th March (Morning)

7am: Breakfast (The first and last time I made to breakfast throughout the entire stay). Noel ye done a great job filling our bellies and Damo I don’t know how you put up with our shit!

11am: Graduation ceremony in the college (De ja vu?? No wait the other one was NUIG! :)) Received the Unilever Food Soultions Scholarship – awarded to the graduate who demonstrated particular talent and commitment in the culinary field

Thursday 8th March (Evening)

3pm: Drove to Galway to collect my Bewley Campbell Medal – awarded to the highest placed candidate at the B.Comm. Degree examination from among those who joined Third Commerce under the joint National University of Ireland, Galway/Shannon College of Hotel Management programme

6.30pm: Graduation Dinner in Dromoland Castle

?am (Blurry memory): After party back in Bunratty!

Friday 9th March

Bye by parents, students party it up one last time together as a whole year (It always ends where it first started, SHITES!). This also involved our last supper as a group in the Manor’s restaurant.

Saturday 10th March

The road to recovery

43,800 Hours = 1,825 Days = 5 Years = The End of an amazing journey

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3 comments on “Shannon College of Hotel Management Graduation 2012 (Part II)

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  3. tony
    December 21, 2012

    Great pics! Congrats to everyone who graduated and good luck in the hotel management industry.

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