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Lounge in Crieff

I received two excellent recommendations by locals/colleagues from work, both of whom are chefs. This tickled my taste buds, teasing & itching to be tantalised. Located on the high street this beautiful well lit restaurant is hard to miss. Stepping inside, dim lighting and candles really create a romantic atmosphere. No wonder the restaurant was full of couples, with the exception our table and another family.

Friends had advised to try either “Lounge mini burger trio” or the “Grilled lamb chops, dips and nuts, potato salad”. Both are main courses and my stomach needed a good stuffing, so I let it do the talking and ordered both! The Grilled lamb chops arrived first to the table as my starter.

Beautifully cooked lamb with a perfectly coloured rosé centre, just the way I like it. Pesto and mint sauce were a nice a compliment, along with a small potato salad and courgette fritters. Nice presentation and great dish, it left me beginning to feel full. My main course, the burger trio, was absolutely gorgeous.

Three miniature burgers consisting of – Beef & Blue Cheese, Lamb & Mint Yoghurt and Chicken, Bacon & Mustard Salsa. The dish was cutely presented on a wooden tapas board and credit to chef for the excellent toppings. Not a dessert person but couldn’t resist ordering a Chocolate crepé.

Not sure if it was down to my lack of a sweet tooth or being absolutely stuffed like a Christmas turkey, but I had to leave a half eaten plate. Bless me Father for I have sinned! To help digest and wash it all down, a glass of Crème de Menthe on the rocks.

Unfortunately our fantastic food and wonderful evening was abruptly ended by terrible customer service. One girl of our party had a ‘hairy’ issue with her main course – Mussels in a Cider sauce. She said it tasted divine until she fished out something other than mussels. Now I don’t know if it’s just down to pure French arrogance or the server has simply no clue about customer service? Maybe that ‘Harlem Globetrotters afro’ of hers drained any sense she had. The chef’s here are amazing and food is king, pity can’t say the same about the front of house. An almost perfect evening washed down the drain.

1 – 3 West High Street, Crieff, PH7 4AU, Scotland

Tel: +44 1764 654407 |


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