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  1. Joanna
    August 30, 2011

    HI Kelvin
    Where would you recommend to eat good Chinese or Malaysian food in Dublin 1 area? I have been living to china so I would rather eat something close to authentic rather than prepared to the “western” taste.
    Thank you for any help
    PS. It would be great if you recommend something cheap and cheerful too:)

    • kelvintan88
      January 26, 2012

      Hello again Joanna,

      I have been back home in Ireland for a week earlier this month. I have eaten in two Malaysian Restaurants. Both restaurants are different as they focus on different styles of Malaysian cuisine.

      Saga (not to be confused with SABA, a Thai restaurant beside the Westbury Hotel) located 49 Lower Dorset Street offers dishes more focused on the Malay/Indian side of Malaysian cuisine. Think they’re closed on Mondays. Went during the week with Dad and found that all of the customers are from Malaysia (Malay) with the exception of one Irish guy. I’d recommend ordering the Nasi Lemak (Malaysia’s National dish) which costs around €7 and you can add Beef Rendang or Prawns Sambal for and extra €2 each. Also try the mango yoghurt drink and there’s a pink coloured drink (forgot the name, but its picture is shown on the menu)

      The other restaurant is 138 Parnell Street (Sorry dont know the name but was previously know as Manna Chinese restaurant). This restaurant offers the Chinese style of Malaysian cuisine. Think they open everyday for 12ish till late. I got collected from the airport by Dad and my uncle and they brought me straight here. Three of us ordered a whole seabass cooked laksa style, a portion of veg, slow braised pork belly, Marmite style ribs and a big bowl of noodles along with rice. The bill was just under €50 for the three of us. Probably my favourite Chinese restaurant at the moment. Great food and cheap prices. Again all of the customers are Malaysian (Chinese).

      Hope this helps


  2. kelvintan88
    August 31, 2011

    Hello Joanna,
    How are you and thanks for a good question.

    If you like noodles then I highly recommend that you check out “Charming Noodles” on Parnell Street. You get a big bowl of yummy noodles and its very cheap, especially during lunch time, €5! I have a post on the place, if you’d like to read more. Also there’s a Chinese restaurant located just off O’Connell St. (behind Burger King) called M&L Szechuan Chinese Restaurant. I’ve only been here once, but when I visited it was packed and almost all customers were Asian (always a good sign!). Szechuan cuisine is generally spicy but they offer other non spicy dishes. It is very cheap and food is good. As far as I can remember between 3 of us the bill came to less than €30. It’s worth checking out and again not expensive.

    M&L Chinese Restaurant,
    13 Cathedral St.,
    Dublin 1, Ireland
    01 8748038

    With regards to Malaysian cuisine I am not sure where is good as I have never eaten out due to Dad’s fantastic home cooking. My uncle has tried a few places but claims they’re not good, probably because he wants proper authentic home cuisine. I’m not sure if it’s still opened but the was a Malaysian restaurant called “Pulau Pinang” above Burger King on O’Connell Street. Also there’s another place called “Nyonya” which is on 76 Dame Street, +353 1 670 7200. Please have a look around I’m sure there’s more and I would love to hear about your experience and would you recommend. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask any time.

    Take care,

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